Product Manager

Paris, Île-de-France, France



Alkemics is a SaaS collaboration platform for brands and retailers, helping them to launch products. The company’s mission is to connect every brand to every retailer. Alkemics’ core functionality enables users to effortlessly share product information and marketing content across the whole product lifecycle, from B2B (logistics, pricing etc.) to B2C data (marketing attributes, rich content, regulatory data).

In France alone, an average of 1 million products are launched every year, each with up to 500 attributes and made by one of 20,000+ manufacturers. Prior to Alkemics, this product data and marketing content had to be manually sent on Excel files to each retail channel where the products are sold. Alkemics disrupted that space and automated the process – creating a hard to refuse proposition for the ecosystem. Once a retailer is on-boarded, invites are sent to that retailer’s suppliers to join the platform on a freemium basis. These manufacturers can then be monetised through upselling increased functionality such as ERP connectivity, reportings, etc.

Alkemics was founded in Paris in 2011. With 98 out of the top 100 CPG manufacturers (Nestlé, Unilever, L’Oréal) and the largest retailers (Casino, Auchan, Carrefour, U-Enseigne, Leclerc, Marionnaud…) using the platform, Alkemics now holds a very strong and unchallenged position in the French market. The business is now expanding internationally, starting with the UK and Ireland. Along with international growth, the focus of the business is to leverage its platform and client relationships to build an end-to-end B2B collaboration platform where products are discovered, negotiated, listed and introduced on shelves. Alkemics raised a total of $28M from tier-1 investors Index Ventures, Partech Ventures, Serena Capital and Cathay Innovation. Its latest funding round took place in September 2016 with a view to fuel the company’s rapid expansion. The business is made of 60 employees, working predominantly in technology.


Online marketplaces are now commonplace for C2C and B2C markets. This trend has started in the B2B sectors, driving tremendous value and economies of scale. Today, thanks to a captive user base, Alkemics is in a strong position to “platformize” (i.e. marketplace) the notoriously difficult retail space. Brands are keen to have their products discovered in a more efficient and elegant way. Retailers are interested in negotiating products more quickly. Brands want to better control the product introduction in each store.



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